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The science of sales, leadership & mental performance

Modern Issues Need Modern Answers

In 2017, most of us are walking around in a constant state of brain fatigue. Increased workloads, distractions and being connected to our devices 24/7 is silently diminishing our brains’ ability to handle stress, control our emotions and perform in every capacity. Learn the practical science behind peak mental performance and how it is the underlying solution to improving leadership development, employee engagement, well-being and sales performance.

“Graham helped our team understand how to cope better with stress and rewire our brain for top performance both at work and our personal lives. His workshop was interactive, interesting and fresh and really helped motivate us to look at our own thinking in a totally different way.”

--- Cassidy, Manager of Operations & HR, ClearWealth

It didn’t come naturally for me either.

After years of entrepreneurship, consulting with Microsoft and speaking to audiences of 500+ people; I’ve realized that it was the biggest challenges in my life that have led me to where I am today. After losing two very important people and experiencing my own setbacks, I became determined to simplify the science behind peak human performance. Aiming to help leaders of organizations understand the psychology behind company culture, sales performance and their own personal development.

My Bio

“We really enjoyed Graham’s style, his engagement with the audience and explaining the points through examples that are easily relatable.”

--- Indra Guha, Vice-President, Royal Bank of Canada

Hack Your Mind


How employees and leaders are functioning today goes directly against how the human brain is supposed to operate.

Brain fatigue, cognitive overload and mismanaged stress are silently sabotaging employee engagement, productivity and sales.

I provide a new way to approach work by simplifying the psychology and neuroscience behind high performance.


We all have insecurities, worries and weaknesses that hold back our productivity, happiness and performance in life.

Learn how you can create immediate change by developing a new level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Overcome limiting beliefs, train your brain for peak performance and consistently achieve your goals.

Plan Better. Think Better. Change Your Life.


Disruptive boot camps are aiming to redefine the coaching world by helping everyone receive high level coaching for a fraction of the cost.

Learn the simple neuroscience and psychology behind high performance, stress management and personal change.

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“Graham’s presented to our leadership team and his science based strategies have enabled me to perform at a higher level and deliver confident and effective presentations. I’m not sure I could perform at such a high level without Graham’s science and strategies fresh in my mind.”

--- Scott Young (No Relation), Senior Director, Business Development, Garda World