“Graham recently presented to our team around networking skills and improving sales performance. We really enjoyed Graham’s style, his engagement with the audience and explaining the points through examples that are easily relatable. Thank you and we will love to have you again.”


-Indra Guha, Vice President Commercial Banking at RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)



Glenn Ayrton pic

“I really enjoyed Graham’s presentation and thought it was a great way to get our team thinking out of the box about how they can improve performance in their professional and personal lives. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Graham to others who are hoping to jump start their year. Thanks Graham!”

Glenn Ayrton, Partner at ClearWealth Advisors  




Scott Young Pic

“Graham’s presented to our leadership team and his science based strategies have enabled me to perform at a higher level and deliver confident and effective presentations. I’m not sure I could perform at such a high level without Graham’s science and strategies fresh in my mind. Thank you for the great insight!”

– Scott Young, (no relation) Director of Business Development, GardaWorld (Largest private security company in the world)


“We recently had Graham, speak at our Annual Managers retreat. Graham gave a compelling presentation to our team. He covered the science behind high performance planning, optimizing brain performance for best results in communications, stress and energy management. We were all able to take away new things to apply to our day to day lives and feel Graham does a great job capturing the audience, allowing appropriate space to apply and/or discuss his teachings within his presentation, which made for a successful outcome. We really enjoyed him! And will have him back later in the year. We definitely recommend Graham!”

– Irene Barlas-Rimar, General Manager & Shareholder at COIT Cleaning and Restoration Services


Harpaul Pic

“I found Graham’s workshop motivating and immensely valuable as it helped streamline my thought process and how I prioritize my life. A great take away was the understanding that “confidence is in the decision to act, not the outcome”.  I find his work profound and the perfect combination of science and self-help which is articulated intelligently for anyone looking to get ahead in their business or life.”

– Harpaul Lehry, Director at progrid Technologies 


Cassidy Crowe Testimonial LinkedIn



In just two months of working with Graham, the self-confidence I have built and short-term accomplishments have taken me to a new place in life where I am at peace with all the negativity that I had stored up; and it has been replaced with a sense of assurance and self-reliance.

Graham’s communication and conflict resolution strategies have allowed me to separate my emotions from the actual situation to allow me to see things from a new perspective. Armed with my new set of tools I am now able to confront certain situations that would have been a struggle in the past, but now have the confidence to take on any challenge that comes my way and resolve the issue for a win-win outcome. I feel that I have gone through a transformation and have entered a new phase in life, and I owe this to the wisdom and strategies Graham has taught me.

Ari Sanoff, UX Information Architect at IBM Watson Health

Jay Mcinnes Testi


“As a coach Graham provided me with invaluable help to prepare the next steps in my career while finding balance with my personal life. He tailored his sessions to my specific needs and offered me practical advice and frameworks to help me focus on what really matters.
If you are looking to take your game to the next level while growing personally, I highly recommend you get in touch with Graham.”

-Pierre Beugnot, Software Developer at Axiom Zen


Shaiza Ramzan Pic

“I first met Graham at his Purpose Driven Career Performance Seminar, and I was blown away at how much I learned about the human brain. I walked away not only with great new information, but equipped with effective tools and strategies that I have been able to utilize to increase my productivity in both my personal and business life. I found so much value in his seminar, can’t wait to attend the next one!

I also had a one on one coaching call with him. Graham is so relatable and kind, it was so easy to speak with him and open up to really dig deeper in order to find the underlying causes of what’s truly holding me back from my greatest potential. Utilizing exercises like a brain dump to figure out my highest values, and changing an endless daily task list to a weekly goals list have had such a positive effect in my life! His simplification of such a complex thing, the human brain, is helping me consciously rewire my own brain, and channel my focus to avoid brain fatigue. I am grateful to have met Graham as he has impacted my life in a wonderful way!”

– Shaiza Ramzan, Entrepreneur 


Ben Kay Testi


Jackee De La Torre Testi


Michael Gook Testi

Kathy Truong Pic

“Attending Graham Young’s seminar helped me to clearly identify my values and use these as a guide to making changes in my personal life and career. Graham is able to break down and show people how science impacts human development, which is something that I didn’t put a lot of thought into, prior to attending his seminar. Applying his strategies into my daily life in order to recognize what was truly missing, provided me with much needed direction and I look forward to more growth as I attend more seminars in the future!”

Kathy Truong, Entrepreneur 


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