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Be powerful beyond measure. We were not meant to live life stuck in our head all the time. Graham provides a clear cut process for you to optimize your mind, body and spirit that will enhance how you approach every area of your life. His practical strategies will help you feel your best, perform at your highest level and allow life to flow with more ease.

Graham simplifies the psychology and neuroscience behind why we do what we do as humans. Audience members will be flooded with ‘aha’ moments that will make them feel like the world around them makes sense. They will feel as though Graham is talking directly to them as the content has an incredible way of being wrapped in a personal package for everyone watching. Everyone will walk away with practical strategies and a daily routine they can implement into their life immediately so they can feel their best and perform at their peak.

The Human Optimizers:

For a unique and powerful experience Graham also shares the stage with his business partner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Optimization Coach, Adrian Wesley. Their unique perspectives and powerful stage presence delivers content in a way that captivates and empowers you to break through whatever has been holding you back and take immediate action in your life.

Speaking & Workshop Topics



How can you feel, think and perform your best everyday?

In this workshop some things you will learn:

– What you can do the first hour you get out of bed to put your brain in an optimal state of performance so you can think effectively, best manage your emotions and increase your resiliency to stress

– What you can do in the evening to ensure your body fully recovers while you sleep; so you wake up in the morning with bounds of energy and new ideas related to your goals

– How you can structure your diet to increase mental performance, feel your best everyday, look great and slow aging

– How you can manage technology to avoid your brain fatigue

And many other things including meditation, mindfulness, why cellular function is the key to feeling your best, how to get through mental blocks that cause you to stress and overthink during the day and much more!

>> Sales


Why do some sales reps perform better than others who have the same experience and been given the same training?

Graham show how a sales reps activity level, productivity, communication skills, emotional intelligence and revenue results are all predicated on how their mind operates. Through his workshops and speaking engagements he aligns practical sales strategies with new ways of thinking that will take them to new levels of motivation, productivity and success.

>> Mindset & Habit Development


Habits are repeated thought and behavioural patterns.

Identify the beliefs and fears that are dictating your thoughts, actions and how you approach every area of your life. These ways of thinking can be hidden on a subconscious level, however they are often the reason why you are producing results and seeing patterns in your life that you are not satisfied with.

Walk away with a plan to reprogram your mind with new ways of thinking that align with you and your goals in life. Get out of your head, feel good & allow life to flow with more ease!

>> Productivity Maximization


Do you want to attack each day like the highest performers in the world? This is how you do it.

The key is creating a plan that aligns with how your brain operates. This process is designed to uncover and change the counterproductive thought patterns that are sabotaging your success.

Discover that high performance is not about accomplishing the greatest number of tasks, but rather the most important ones. Learn how to assess your priorities and finish each day being proud of the work you’ve accomplished.

>> Peak Mental Performance


Discovery strategies you can use to reduce stress, enhance discipline and consistently perform your best when it matters most.

Learn what you can do to prepare for events days in advance, the night before and minutes before you take action. Discover how to master your mind in the heat of the moment to be your best.



Check out Graham’s testimonials page for more feedback from his audience.

We really enjoyed Graham’s style, his engagement with the audience and explaining the points through examples that are easily relatable. Thank you and we will love to have you again.”

-Indra Guha, Vice President, Royal Bank of Canada

We were all able to take away new things to apply to our day to day lives and feel Graham does a great job capturing the audience, allowing appropriate space to apply and/or discuss his teachings within his presentation, which made for a successful outcome.

– Irene Barlas-Rimar, General Manager & Shareholder at COIT Cleaning and Restoration Services

Meet Graham

Graham is a Performance Consultant, Coach and Speaker. He also writes in Fast Company, TIME, Business Insider and Entrepreneur magazine.

For inquiries email Graham at info@www.gystrategies.com

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