5 week Performance Boot Camp

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Do you feel overwhelmed, behind schedule and way too busy most days?

Do constantly set goals that never seem to get accomplished?

The reality is traditional planning, goal setting and TO-DO lists don’t work in today’s world.

In fact, they go directly against how your brain is supposed to operate.

This why most of us are so stressed out and struggling to achieve our goals in life. No time management system will work unless it supports your brain and changes how you think about time.

This boot camp provides you with a system based on neuroscience that will simplify the process of planning for anything in life and business. Once you understand the science behind productivity, everything falls into place. You will learn how to create a practical vision that is connected to your daily actions, so you can ensure everything you do is supporting that long-term goal. This measurable process also addresses the underlying thought patterns that are keeping your calendars over committed and you way too busy.

This system will provide you with the framework of how to plan for the rest of your life.

Change how you plan. Change how you think. Control your life.

Who am I?

My name is Graham Young and I’m a Performance Consultant, Coach & Speaker. I also write in TIME, Fast Company, Business Insider & Entrepreneur magazine.

4 Reasons Traditional Planning Doesn’t Work Today

1) Your Brain
The current way most of us plan our days puts our brain into a stressful and reactive state. This destroys your ability to:

a) Prioritize your time (everything seems urgent)

b) Estimate the amount of time each task will take (you think you can do more than you are capable of)

c) Forecast your long-term goals (you are hyper focused on the short-term, seeking immediate rewards and instant gratification)

If you don’t create a plan that takes your brain into account, you will never be able to be fully productive.

2) Long-term is Disconnected from Short-term
“If you’re always focused on the big picture, you live in clouds and get frustrated because nothing is actionable. In reverse, if you never see the big picture it will always feel like you’re spinning wheels.”

In this boot camp you will learn that the most important thing is connecting your long-term vision to your daily routine. Learn how to create a vision that is tangible, actionable and measurable based on your DAILY ACTIONS.

3) Mental Performance & Psychology
Changing how you plan without changing how you think will almost always end in failure.

No time management system will help if you have counterproductive thought patterns that keep you disorganized and way too busy.

The power of this boot camp comes from simplifying the psychology behind planning and productivity. Uncover and alter the thoughts that are holding back your performance now.

4) Performance Measurement
Have you ever set a monthly goal, only to let 3 weeks go by before realizing it’s never going to happen?

It’s easy to measure long-term progress. But a LONG TIME is also wasted before you learn whether or not your plan has worked.

In this boot camp you will have a measuring system and a feedback loop that will give you CONSISTENT FEEDBACK. This enables you to adjust your sails on a daily and weekly basis and know how it’s going to impact your long term plan.

Each Boot Camp Includes:

– 5 weeks of LIVE training
– 1 hour, LIVE online session each week
– 1 FREE Coaching Session ($250 value)
– 10 people per boot camp
– Materials, resources and downloads

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Bootcamp Schedule

>> Week 1


The most undervalued skill of the highest performers is how they consistently and relentlessly plan.
They have their own personal system that enables them to measure their progress and learn from their behavior in order better forecast their future goals.

In this week you will begin building your own measurable system. You will learn the science of creating a vision that is compelling yet practicable, actionable and measurable. How to create a vision that connects to a deeper purpose and how to create a vision that is directly connected to your goals and actions.

>> Week 2


The biggest challenge with how people plan today is that there is a disconnect between their long term goals and their daily actions. This can make it feel like you are spinning your wheels every day, wondering if you are headed in the right direction.

Learn how to break your vision down into shorter term goals and then break those goals down into ‘steps’. Then how to further break those steps down into measurable, daily actions.

>> Week 3


What you schedule, gets done. What you measure, gets improved. The problem is knowing how to measure your progress correctly!

Learn how systematically schedule your calendar each week in a way that optimizes your brain’s performance, maximizes productivity and provides measurable feedback along the way. This is how you create work-life balance!

>> Week 4


Do you want to attack each day like the highest performers in the world? This is how you do it.

The key is creating a plan that aligns with how your brain operates. This process is designed to uncover and change the counterproductive thought patterns that are sabotaging your success.

Discover that high performance is not about accomplishing the greatest number of tasks, but rather the most important ones. Learn how to assess your priorities and finish each day being proud of the work you’ve accomplished.

>> Week 5


The biggest challenge with following a plan is discipline! How many times have you planned out your day or week and seen that it never goes as planned?
Something always pops up, gets in the way and our days get thrown all over the place.

Learn how to train your mind to avoid distraction, break through procrastination and stick to your schedule no matter what is going on. Discover how to plan for emergencies so you are prepared for whatever comes your way.



I feel that I have gone through a transformation and have entered a new phase in life, and I owe this to the wisdom and strategies Graham has taught me.
-Ari Sanoff, Truven Health Analytics (an IBM Company)

Graham provided me with invaluable help to prepare the next steps in my career while finding balance with my personal life.
– Pierre Beugnot, Axiom Zen

Meet Graham

Graham is a Performance Consultant, Coach and Speaker. He also writes in Fast Company, TIME, Business Insider and Entrepreneur magazine. He works with organizations to show that optimizing brain performance in the digital age is the key to elevating employee engagement, productivity and sales. He is also a peak performance coach for business professionals.

For any questions or to speak with Graham before you register email him at

Bootcamp Schedule

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