Redefining Coaching

I have always believed that the most frustrating thing we face as humans, is having the desire to want to change or improve our lives, but not knowing how.

Feeling like we are stuck in our current situation and lacking control over our behavior and ultimately our future.

Do you feel overwhelmed, behind schedule and stressed out most days? Do you have trouble managing your time? Is your energy lagging and do you have difficulty focusing and feeling positive?

Do you feel you’re never able to reach the goals you set? Are you always worrying and overthinking situations?

The personal challenges you face in life can seem so complex. No matter how hard you try or what new system you use, things just don’t seem to change. And it doesn’t help that there are a million books, podcasts and articles drowning us in information!

I personally hate complexity. My passion is simplifying things.

The reality is that to create change, we need to look at several internal and external factors to optimize our mind and body.

For example: internally you can use many self-help or mental strategies to reduce your stress. However, if you’re time management system is all over the place, those stress triggers are still going to wreak havoc on your life.

Conversely, you may have the most perfect time management system; but if you also have a faulty belief that causes you to take on way too much work and over complicate things, then you’re always going to feel stressed out and behind schedule.

When coaching clients I use simple, science based strategies that I teach Fortune 500 companies and have written about in TIME, Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine.

How it works? (in a nutshell)

My job as a coach is to uncover the hidden blocks in your life that are causing you stress, anxiety, self-doubt and slowing down your progress towards your goals.

I provide practical strategies that train your brain to break through limiting beliefs and show you how to plan your life in a way to improve productivity, happiness and overall performance.

The Process

1. Become Abundantly Self-Aware

I use a combination of personality, character and strength based tests that have been used on over 20 million people to understand your specific personality traits and to understand why you do what you do.

However, personality tests are never 100% accurate. That is why I believe it’s important to use multiple assessments to identify the patterns that are true to only you. Being aware of these patterns alone are life changing.

2. Rewire the Past & Unlock Your Blocks

Most of the challenges we face are due to underlying, subconscious beliefs that we don’t even know exist.

So the first step is determining these faulty thought patterns, understanding where they are coming from and using mental performance strategies to change them for the better.

3) Planning, Productivity and Brain Performance

Once you are aware of what past issues and personality traits are creating which present day beliefs; and you learn how to change them, you become very self-aware.

Through this process, you will learn new ways to structure your life in order to remove as much stress off your brain as possible. This includes how to schedule each day, plan your weeks and forecast your year to take your performance to a new level.

Email me at to learn more about my 6 week coaching program that can change your life.

My coaching programs are designed to:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and overcome self-doubt in any area of your life
  • Helping people who are disorganized, too busy, overwhelmed & always feeling behind schedule
  • Use a Performance Planning System to crush your goals & maximize productivity
  • Train your brain to disrupt and change the negative thoughts, feelings and actions holding you back
  • The importance of managing sleep, food, exercise and relationships in life
  • The Psychology Behind Your Actions: Understand that subconsciously a deep-rooted belief from your past is impacting every decision you make, and how to change it
  • Develop the mental discipline to follow through with your plan to create lasting personal change and professional achievement


“In just two months of working with Graham, the self-confidence I have built and short-term accomplishments have taken me to a new place in life where I am at peace with all the negativity that I had stored up; and it has been replaced with a sense of assurance and self-reliance.

Graham’s communication and conflict resolution strategies have allowed me to separate my emotions from the actual situation to allow me to see things from a new perspective. Armed with my new set of tools I am now able to confront certain situations that would have been a struggle in the past, but now have the confidence to take on any challenge that comes my way and resolve the issue for a win-win outcome. I feel that I have gone through a transformation and have entered a new phase in life, and I owe this to the wisdom and strategies Graham has taught me.”

– Ari Sanoff, UX Information Architect at IBM Watson Health


“As a coach Graham provided me with invaluable help to prepare the next steps in my career while finding balance with my personal life. He tailored his sessions to my specific needs and offered me practical advice and frameworks to help me focus on what really matters.
If you are looking to take your game to the next level while growing personally, I highly recommend you get in touch with Graham.”

-Pierre Beugnot, Software Developer at Axiom Zen

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