Performance Coaching

I will help you feel your best and perform at your highest level everyday so life flows with more ease.

You will walk away with a daily routine and plan that will give you the tools to:

Mindset: Reprogram the limiting beliefs and mental blocks that are negatively impacting the most important areas of your life.

Brain-Body Connection: Optimize your entire body so you feel good from head to gut to toe. (diet, sleep patterns, exercise, cellular and mitochondrial function etc.)

Performance Habits: Learn what the highest performers and leaders in the world do everyday when they face adversity, how they ‘turn on’ confidence when needed most, how they maximize their productivity, reduce stress and balance every other area of their life.

Develop yourself into the person you need to be, to create the life you want.

Areas Graham Can Help With

  • Workaholic:
    • Trying so hard, yet always feeling behind with everything and everyone. Your busy schedule is impacting the quality of your life and relationships.
  • Disappointing Others:
    • Always feeling like you are letting other people down and never living up to their expectations
  • Sabotaging Mind:
    • Your mind sabotages the most important moments of your life and feels out of control
  • Unknown Perfectionist:
    • Feeling like you need to do everything perfectly and be perfect in order to be deserving of the things you want most in life (money, love, health, success, happiness etc.)
  • Stuck In Your Head:
    • Overthinking, analyzing and ruminating about the past
    • Always thinking about what needs to be done in the future
    • Never being present with those around you
    • Getting down on yourself way too easily
    • Always comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t stack up
  • Lacking Energy & Motivation
    • Your mind and body feel exhausted, brain feels foggy, but nothing seems to be breaking you out of this funk
  • Always Disappointing Yourself:
    • No matter how hard you try, you keep making the same mistakes, keep seeing the same problems pop up or keep coming up short with your goals
  • Anxious Living:
    • You’re always busy, have a hard time relaxing and want to change but don’t know how

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Graham Specializes In:

  • Brain Performance Training & Subconscious Programming
  • Maximizing Productivity, Goal Setting & Planning
  • Self-esteem/ Confidence
  • Gut Health
  • Stress Relief
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Physical Well-being & Full Body Optimization


“In just two months of working with Graham, the self-confidence I have built and short-term accomplishments have taken me to a new place in life where I am at peace with all the negativity that I had stored up; and it has been replaced with a sense of assurance and self-reliance.

Graham’s communication and conflict resolution strategies have allowed me to separate my emotions from the actual situation to allow me to see things from a new perspective. Armed with my new set of tools I am now able to confront certain situations that would have been a struggle in the past, but now have the confidence to take on any challenge that comes my way and resolve the issue for a win-win outcome. I feel that I have gone through a transformation and have entered a new phase in life, and I owe this to the wisdom and strategies Graham has taught me.”

– Ari Sanoff, UX Information Architect at IBM Watson Health


“As a coach Graham provided me with invaluable help to prepare the next steps in my career while finding balance with my personal life. He tailored his sessions to my specific needs and offered me practical advice and frameworks to help me focus on what really matters.
If you are looking to take your game to the next level while growing personally, I highly recommend you get in touch with Graham.”

-Pierre Beugnot, Software Developer at Axiom Zen

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