Sales Leadership, Consulting & Mindset Training

Graham works with organizations as a Sales Leader/ Consultant and delivers keynotes and corporate training on the science behind sales and human performance.



Sales Mindset Training

Why do some sales reps perform better than others who have the same experience and been given the same training?

Graham show how a sales reps activity level, productivity, communication skills, emotional intelligence and revenue results are all predicated on how their mind operates. Through his workshops and speaking engagements he aligns practical sales strategies with new ways of thinking that will take them to new levels of motivation, productivity and success.

Sales Consulting & Leadership

I’m passionate about helping organizations positively impact the world.

As a Sales Leader or Consultant I take on many facets of the business from creating business development strategy, building new sales processes, growing and training sales teams.

Depending on your needs, I aim to create a replicable sales engine and playbook from cold call to deal close.

I believe it’s important to get my hands dirty and work on the front line in every type of sales role in order to fully understand your business.

I work very closely with each rep to understand what they experience on a day to day basis and who your customer is. I go through each step of the sales process to create powerful scripts, metrics and reporting systems that work. Scripts that align your product, your mission and your company with the psychology and neuroscience of how your customer buys and how your reps sell.

As a leader, I believe in servant leadership, building a culture of trust, transparency, vulnerability, and consistent 1 on 1 coaching.

I bring my performance coaching background to understand your employee’s values, goals and personality while providing them with strategies to help manage their time, their mind, their schedule and enhance their skill development. I identify their counter productive behaviors that are holding them back and help change them so they reach peak performance and are fully engaged.

My Experience Includes:

  • Facilitated Corporate & Sales Training for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Sales Management Consultant with Microsoft
  • Ranked #1 & Consistently Achieved 100% Quota for Multiple Technology Companies
  • Multiple President’s Awards for Sales Performance
  • Spoke to audiences of 500+ people on the topic of sales and human performance
  • Writer in TIME, Fast Company, Business Insider & Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Featured in the New York Post
  • Interviewed on CTV News
  • Please also see testimonials & LinkedIn recommendations from clients, colleagues and companies I’ve worked with

Understanding the science behind why you do what do, will change your life.”