Every morning I have the same ritual. I tell myself:

“I trust in myself to be in the moment. Out of my head and in my heart. I am confident right now….

I don’t base my confidence on crap, mistakes and circumstances that have happened in the past.

I don’t base it on what other people might think of me.

And I don’t base it on the future, with things I’ve yet to do. Because I know, I’m already travelling across North America speaking to Fortune 100 companies and groups of 500+ people. I know I’m helping people achieve more in their lives so they can be more and give more to their family and their community.”

It wasn’t until yesterday morning where I realized after saying this to myself for over a year that it’s all coming true.

On November 19th I will be speaking in front of 500+ people for the first time at the SociaLIGHT Conference in Vancouver.  Where past speakers have been Richard Branson, Bob Proctor and Robin Sharma.

And on November 26th I will be hosting my 3rd Vancouver public seminar ‘Optimizing Brain Performance & Productivity’ which will have approximately 100 people attending.

The reason I share this with you is because while your brain is a complex beast, it learns in very simple ways.

  1. It learns from things in your life that are very emotional
  2. It learns from experiences that are repetitive

Affirmations unfortunately don’t do much if there is no emotion involved.

You can say “I’m confident” 100 times a day, but if in the moment you feel frustrated, anxious or nervous then it won’t do much. In fact it will begin to associate those words “I’m confident” with those negative feelings.

The point of morning routines is not to make up some future fairy tale. It’s done for two reasons:

1) Training Your Brain for Later

The words you say to yourself in a morning routine should evoke the right emotional response. When they do, it will tie those words “I’m confident” to feelings of strength and certainty. Why is this so powerful?

Because when you say “I’m confident” to yourself later on in the day before a big meeting or an event that would typically make you feel nervous; it should override those negative feelings and connect to the feelings from your morning ritual.

Before every speech, I say to myself “I trust me. I love me. And I’m connected”. I’ve trained my brain to associate that phrase with powerful confidence. When I say those things it is like a shock to my system. I go from feeling nervous and uncertain to secure, excited and in control.

Check out an article I wrote in Entrepreneur magazine on morning routines 

2) Visualizing the Future

Morning routines are powerful when you visualize what you want your future to look like. By doing so it anchors these positive emotions of confidence and certainty to that of your future. As you do this routine day in and day out, it eventually begins to make you feel very confident about where you are going in life and those dreams will come true.

So when I would see myself standing on stage in front of 500 people it wasn’t some daunting far off day dream. It was something that could come true. And this would pick up my spirits in that moment and help me continually push through the challenges today.

I knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time.

On top of this, as I’ve written about before, your brain has an attentional filter. This filter is on hyper alert for anything in your environment that are important to you. Your brain has learnt over the years (based on the things you focus on) what is important to you!

If every morning you are focused on the career, relationship and lifestyle you want to achieve; then your brain begins to understand this. This attentional filter will then begin to pick up on things in your environment (words people are saying, sights, sounds) that are associated with your dreams and make you aware of it. Thus helping you create opportunity luck and accelerate your goal attainment.

For more information on your attentional filter and creating opportunity luck check out this blog post: How to Create Opportunity Luck 


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