Quick Rundown

Thank you for your interest in learning more about me.

Family is #1 for me. The information on this site is geared towards helping others perform at their highest level, so they can live the life they desire and provide the best life for their family.

I have been researching the psychology and neuroscience of human performance for over a decade and have been in sales for over 17 years. My motivation comes from losing my business mentor to suicide, my Mom’s battle with cancer and my Dad’s successful career in sales. I’ve always had a fascination for technology and the powerful, positive impact it can have on our society and business.

I am also very passionate about helping educate parents and teens on the impact social media can have on their mental, emotional and overall well-being; and helping them create a better relationship with technology. 

Throughout this website you will find articles and strategies that bring together my passion for sales, science and human performance.

My Business & Background:

Since starting my business, I have facilitated sales and mindset training for some of the largest companies in North America and spoken to thousands of people on the topic of brain performance. I have written for TIME, Fast Company, Live in the Grey, Business Insider & Entrepreneur Magazine; and have been interviewed on CTV News and quoted in the New York Post. Tony Robbins has contacted me and shared my articles and charity work with his 3 Million+ followers. I’m fortunate to also be a registered speaker with TEC Canada, where I get the opportunity to speak with CEO’s across Canada.

My career has consisted of working as a Sales Management Consultant on campus at Microsoft Headquarters and holding sales roles with several technology companies who offered solutions such as enterprise software security, different types of SaaS, big data, cloud integration, data management and business intelligence solutions. Successfully selling technology to Fortune 500’s, government, municipal and educational markets while receiving President Club Awards along the way. Currently I am also working with a Vancouver based technology company in cloud & IT infrastructure sales.

Over the past five years I have hosted the Vancouver Basket Brigade during the holiday season. It is based on Tony Robbins and his foundation which helps feed people in need.


* This site is in honor and in loving memory of my Mom, Louise Young. ~ 11/26/1952 – 10/25/2012 ~