Quick Rundown

Thank you for your interest in learning more about me!

I use the knowledge I’ve gained from the struggles in my life to help others break through the mental blocks and habits that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

Family is #1 for me. I do what I do to help others perform at their highest level, so they can live the life they desire and provide for their family.

I have been researching the psychology and neuroscience of human performance for over a decade and have been in sales for over 17 years. My motivation comes from losing my business mentor to suicide, my Mom’s battle with cancer and my Dad’s successful career in sales. I’ve been fascinated at how our past experiences impact what we do today as adults. When my parents divorced at a young age, it’s been remarkable to identify the faulty beliefs, fears and habits I developed that influenced my actions going forward. I believe that the challenges we face, gives us the knowledge to improve the lives of others. 

Throughout this website you will find articles and strategies that bring together my passion for sales, science and human performance.

My Business & Background:

Since starting my business, I have facilitated sales and mindset training with Fortune 500 companies and spoken to audiences of 500+ people on the topic of brain performance. I have written for TIME, Fast Company, Live in the Grey, Business Insider & Entrepreneur Magazine; and have been interviewed on CTV News and quoted in the New York Post. Tony Robbins has contacted me and shared my articles and charity work with his 3 Million+ followers.

My career has consisted of working as a Sales Management Consultant on campus at Microsoft Headquarters and being the #1 sales rep for other technology companies. Successfully selling technology to Fortune 500’s, government, municipal and educational markets while receiving President Club Awards along the way. Currently I am also working with a Vancouver based technology company, designing their business development strategy to bring new product to market and building a high-performance sales culture.

Over the past five years I have hosted the Vancouver Basket Brigade during the holiday season. It is based on Tony Robbins and his foundation which helps feed people in need.


Why Neuroscience and Psychology? 

Before my Mom passed away years ago, she was very focused on the spiritual element of personal development. Yet stress was one of the biggest contributors to her cancer. So in my mind at the time, I felt that approach didn’t work for her. So I wanted to learn the most practical, proven and tangible strategies backed by research that I could use for myself and share with others. That being said, the deeper I dug into the science, the further it proved that there is energy in this world that you simply can’t deny.

For over a decade I have researched, broken down and analyzed every aspect of human development in neuroscience, high performance and psychology. I created ‘Disruptive Performance’ to provide a practical yet science based approach to sales and human performance in business.

My passion is simplifying things….I hate complexity….. a lot.

In the age of information overload, there are so many books, articles and podcasts on sales and personal development….it’s overwhelming to say the least….it’s hard to know who to trust or listen to. The easiest way to cut through the BS and simplify things, is if we understand how our brain and body operates. That understanding provides us with a new level of self-awareness, emotional and social intelligence. When you use strategies that are backed by science, you have full trust in your actions which is a key to high performance.


Detailed Biography and Background

Here is a more in-depth look at my past and where my inspiration comes from.

My Personal History

My Mom who passed away from cancer in 2012, began teaching me personal development in my late teens. She has been my biggest inspiration as I saw her fight cancer head on via natural treatments. After being told she only had a few months to live by doctors, she was able to defy the odds, put her cancer in remission and live another 3 years. She became a student of the human body, mind and spirit. Despite the circumstances, I was fortunate to be surrounded by such advanced, forward thinking information. She was way ahead of her time, as everything she shared with me then is becoming mainstream now.

Her goal was to beat cancer for good and share with the world how they could do it too. I promised her that I would continue on her mission by making a difference in the world and improving the lives of as many people as possible. I began writing on the first anniversary of her passing and dedicate what I do to her.

My Dad and Sister, have always been my biggest supporters. I’ve been fortunate to have a Father who always believed and trusted in the life decisions I made for myself. His successful career in sales is how he provided a great life for our family. His work ethic, professional success and family first focus has inspired me to follow in his foot steps. I wouldn’t be close to where I am today if it weren’t for his guidance and love. Despite my Sister being three years younger than me, I am fortunate to call her my role model; as she has taught me more about life values, integrity and inner strength than she knows.

In 2009, my business mentor, former personal training client and former boss, took his own life. It was one of the most shocking things I had ever experienced and made me realize that it doesn’t matter how much money, success or love you have in your life, we all face our own unique and very personal challenges. This is a big reason, I enjoy working with leaders because I know how difficult it is when you are at the top. It’s hard to know where to turn when everyone comes to you for help. Whether I am advising an executive or being used as a sound board to discuss ideas and issues, I enjoy every minute of it.

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* This site is in honor and in loving memory of my Mom, Louise Young. ~ 11/26/1952 – 10/25/2012 ~